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Google, Facebook to tackle stricter privacy regulations in Australia

With the increasing use of the internet and social media platforms, concerns regarding the misuse of consumer data have escalated, leading to more and more users who believe their personal information isn’t as private as they want it to be. Fol...

AT&T to test its latest TV streaming service in select U.S. markets

Telecom giants and video streaming service providers worldwide are facing extreme competition with increased access to high quality original content and lowering network prices. Leading brands in U.S. like Netflix are now contending against media com...

Apple rumored to be acquiring Intel’s 5G modem business for $1B

Introduction of 5G is poised to drastically transform the global cellular network landscape, with numerous industry players developing 5G-compatible gadgets and integrating the latest chips into their products. The expected demand for 5G smartphones ...

Druva acquires CloudLanes to expand on-premises data capabilities

Implementation of cloud architecture for data storage has become prevalent among leading organizations, especially enterprises deploying AI or IoT technologies. Businesses now require safe and fast movement of huge data volumes from physical systems ...

Lotte Chemical and GS Energy set up new petrochemical partnership

A growing number of collaborations are being observed globally in the oil & gas as well as chemical sectors, primarily due to the need for exploring joint business opportunities and sustain long-term profits. Various industrial products like plas...

Aramco seals $6B deal for Korean refinery to strengthen crude demand

The innumerable fluctuations in the oil and gas industry and the robust competition in the space seem to have coerced core companies to undertake diversified expansion strategies. In a bid to ensure sustained demand for their products, oil companies ...

Stack Infrastructure declares plans for Chicago data center expansion

Stack Infrastructure declares plans for Chicago data center expansion Ever since their inception, data centers have captured the attention of enterprise businesses worldwide, helping them massively cut down power costs and enhance equipment efficien...

Solid-state batteries for electric cars: Is this what the future of long-distance driving looks like?

Following the success of its inaugural event, the discussion at this year’s European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit (Berlin, June 18-19) largely focused around a major technological breakthrough announced by the Belgian R&D and innovatio...

Fuji buys Consul Neowatt, strengthens manufacturing presence in India

The acquisition waves seem to be going rather strong for electric equipment maker Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. A reliable leader in the manufacturing of gas analyzers, pumps, flowmeters, pressure transmitters, generators, controllers, motors, ICs, and inv...