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Shikha currently manages the content team at BuinessNewsUpdate. An electrical & electronics engineer by education, she has prior experience in content & technology writing, content marketing, market research, and business development domains. Her other interests include sketching, reading, and singing.

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Solid-state batteries for electric cars: Is this what the future of long-distance driving looks like?

Following the success of its inaugural event, the discussion at this year’s European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit (Berlin, June 18-19) largely focused around a major technological breakthrough announced by the Belgian R&D and innovatio...

Fuji buys Consul Neowatt, strengthens manufacturing presence in India

The acquisition waves seem to be going rather strong for electric equipment maker Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. A reliable leader in the manufacturing of gas analyzers, pumps, flowmeters, pressure transmitters, generators, controllers, motors, ICs, and inv...