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Digital Twins and their Impact: Part II – Manufacturing Industry

Last week, we spoke about the expanding presence of the digital twin industry and its tremendous impact on the global retail sector. Quite overtly, the popularity of the digital twin technology is not confined to the retail and e-commerce verticals a...

What does the Cellwize-Intel collaboration indicate about the future of 5G?

An exclusive interview with Hadas Shefler, VP of Marketing at Cellwize The coronavirus pandemic, more than any other incident in human history perhaps, has highlighted the importance of telecommunication infrastructure to keep governments, businesse...

Tech giants converge to develop COVID-19 immunization digital passport

As the world gets back on its heels with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, several technology behemoths and healthcare organizations in the United States, have reportedly announced the launch of the Vaccine Credential Initiative in order to facilitate gl...

SugarCRM buys Node Inc. to offer AI-powered CX offerings to businesses

A leading consumer experience (CX) software provider, SugarCRM Inc. has acquired Node Inc., an AI platform that utilizes CRM data and huge external sources for delivering unparalleled level of predictability for a wide range of distinct businesses us...

Accelera buys Sydney-based Ayenem to expand secure cloud offerings

Accelera, a digital transformation consulting business based in Sydney, has acquired Ayenem, a provider of cloud security and automation services. Ayenem, also a company operating out of Sydney, is an AWS specialist which takes a security-first appro...

TOYOTA Production Engineering and Nokia to deploy private 5G network

The latest mobile communications technology has gripped the attention of industrial players worldwide. TOYOTA Production Engineering Corporation (TPEC) has selected Nokia, which will work with NS Solutions (NSSOL), for deploying industrial private wi...

M1 and Airbus to test 5G network for unmanned flights in Singapore

With an aim to accelerate the deployment of 5G network solutions in Singapore, leading telecom company M1 Limited along with government bodies- The Infocomm Media Development Authority and The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore have joined hand...

Samsung-Xiaomi collaboration brings first 108Mp image sensor to phones

As the smartphone industry has advanced rapidly, camera resolution and quality is considered among the prime distinguishable factors which affect consumer preference and brand perception. Evidently, this has resulted in chipmakers and smartphone deve...

Cisco announces plans to take over AI voice technology firm Voicea

Communication technologies are constantly evolving and companies are pioneering innovative solutions using the latest tools available. Personal voice assistants powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are an example of such inventions, drastically tr...