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Siemens leverages Mendix low code to build personalized data solutions

Siemens Digital Industries Software has reportedly leveraged the Mendix low-code application development platform for helping clients to develop personalized and contextual solutions that would facilitate data-driven processes of decision making. Ac...

Microsoft, VMware launch Azure Spring Cloud for developing Java app

VMware and Microsoft have reportedly announced the commercial release of their Azure Spring Cloud service to deliver infrastructure support for the development of Spring Boot Java application. The Azure Spring Cloud service was instituted by Pivotal ...

UK-based FooEngine signs Cloud Services agreement with Telestream

Broadcast technology start-up, FooEngine, has reportedly entered into a Cloud Services deal with Telestream. FooEngine is the first global long-term program media processing platform, leveraging computing power to facilitate all-time high-speed media...

Ericsson, Elisa power initial standalone 5G connection in Finland

Finland’s first end-to-end 5G standalone connection has been set up by Ericsson and Elisa recently, which could trigger a host of new opportunities in the country. The connection is the first of its kind in the Nordic region and represents the ...

Tik Tok like to announce U.S operation sales, Walmart joins race

As per the latest news, ByteDance Ltd. is nearing a deal to sell Tik Tok’s U.S operations and could announce the agreement in the coming days. The short video platform has not decided on a buyer and is in talks with Oracle and a joint bid from ...

Absorb Software takes over cloud content authoring solution Koantic

With COVID-19 bringing up an impending gloom in the economic situation worldwide, businesses have been brainstorming numerous ways to maintain productivity and retain profits. Academia being one of the fields that has been severely impacted, e-learni...

Clarifai rolls out a new method for labeling unstructured data

Artificial intelligence major, Clarifai, has reportedly announced the launch of its Clarifai Labeler, an innovative method of labeling unstructured text, video, and image data, in its end-to-end AI platform. The company has introduced this integrated...

Accenture officially seals the deal for Organize Cloud Labs buyout

Accenture has reportedly purchased Brazil-based Organize Cloud Labs, a company that operates as ServiceNow’s debut Elite partner across the LATAM zone. The acquisition is anticipated to strengthen Accenture’s in-depth industry experience ...

Searchspring buys 4-Tell to enhance personalized shopping experience

Searchspring has reportedly announced that it has acquired the developer of Smart Commerce AI-driven personalization platform, 4-Tell. The acquisition supports the company’s vision of becoming the single destination for merchandisers to enhance...