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Coles and Microsoft to foster digital transformation in retail

Digital transformation has quickly become the norm amongst major apparel and grocery chains globally, from managing inventory, supply chain and ecommerce operations to automating various in-store tasks. Partnerships between retailers and technology g...

VW expands alliances with battery suppliers to mass-produce EVs

In an industry that is currently witnessing several initiatives to innovate electric vehicle technologies, automobile manufacturers inking partnership agreements with battery producers is becoming a common trend. To establish a strong presence in thi...

BMW and Daimler teaming up on scalable autonomous driving tech

In the recent wave of initiatives to develop autonomous vehicle technologies, non-exclusive partnerships between car manufacturers is becoming a common phenomenon. Automobile companies are looking to work with each other as well as different technolo...

Broadcom in discussions to acquire cybersecurity company Symantec

Private equity firms and technology giants have been quite active in recent years when it comes to buying out troubled companies. Broadcom Inc. is gradually developing a reputation for taking over struggling software businesses for substantial amount...

Baidu collaborates with Intel on new neural network processor

From partnerships with automakers like Geely to introducing its latest conversational AI, Baidu has made numerous announcements at its Create Conference 2019 underway in Beijing. One of the key technology partnerships Baidu is entering is with Americ...

3 ways edge computing and IoT are enhancing healthcare service delivery

Cloud technology has helped transform IT operations in businesses over the past few years, with access to reliable, easily scalable and highly powerful computing resources. The adoption of internet of things (IoT) devices has further expanded the sco...

Deutsche Telekom & SK Telecom ink partnership on SaaS and 5G services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has rapidly emerged as a more cost-efficient alternative to conventional software installations across the enterprise environment. Telecommunication companies around the world have recognized challenges in providing easil...

5G & Startups – A promising combination of technology and opportunity

U.S. telecom giant AT&T and technology leader Samsung recently announced a unique collaboration under which they launched a 5G Innovation Zone in Texas, at the Samsung Austin Semiconductor facility. Apparently, the initiative is targeting use cas...

Capgemini seals acquisition offer for consultancy firm Altran

The domain of consulting is increasingly becoming an expansive industry of sorts, owing to the widespread demand for assistance and advice pertaining to the strategy, management, and operations of a company. Purchasing consulting firms has become rat...