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Daimler and Bosch to deploy automated valet parking system in Germany

Rapid adoption of AI in vehicles, to support various autonomous functions, has brought about a transformation in the automobile industry. Following Tesla’s introduction of its autopilot system named Enhanced Summon, Bosch and Daimler now claim ...

Toyota develops AI-powered field support robot for Tokyo 2020

Autonomous technologies have gained tremendous momentum worldwide, encouraging industry players to come up with innovative ways to deploy artificial intelligence in automotive, robotics and enterprise applications. Toyota, with a well-earned reputati...

Air Liquide and thyssenkrupp to reduce emissions in steel production

There has been a notable rise in investments towards a greener economy, majorly due to stringent carbon regulations, coercing industry players to switch to cleaner sources of fuel. In coming years, hydrogen, which is considered to be a more efficient...

Nestlé unveils new chocolate recipe to cut down on refined sugar

The amount of sugar in chocolates is always a concern among parents and health conscious individuals, often dissuading the consumption of these tasteful food products. From dental health to increase in weight, sweet delicacies have been blamed for wo...

National Grid buys Geronimo Energy to boost decarbonization efforts

As the awareness rises among consumers and corporates regarding conservation of natural resources as well as utilization of cleaner, greener technologies, utilities have turned towards renewable power sources. This has resulted in a number of industr...

Ford and Volkswagen to advance EV and self-driving tech partnership

Building a safe and deployment-ready autonomous car is arguably beyond the capability of any single automaker or technology provider. Companies have realized that they alone cannot make rapid progress in creating a perfect future mobility solution, a...

Global Gaming partners with Finnplay Group over online gaming platform

Online gaming has rapidly transformed over the past decade, from being an emerging trend to becoming a habit for millions of people all over the globe. Gaming companies have adapted to the changing preferences of users and formed key partnerships to ...

European startups look to develop more robust self-driving technology

Autonomous vehicle technology has witnessed unparalleled growth in terms of investment as well as on-road deployment over the last two years across the U.S., Europe and some other parts of the world. Numerous self-driving pilots have highlighted the ...

5 emerging trends expanding the scope of blockchain technology

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies have become a generic face for blockchain technology among most of the people worldwide. Created to serve the very first cryptocurrency all those years ago, this concept of a...