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Ford to use McDonald’s coffee waste to make headlights and other parts

Ford has made a number of efforts in recent years to incorporate recycled materials in its cars: from using soy products to make seat cushions, to making wiring brackets using tomato skins, to designing bamboo-based interior console components and ma...

Seedland launches China’s first UGV for residential communities

Seedland Group, one of China’s leading real estate companies, recently deployed Hachi Auto, an autonomous vehicles designed for residential communities, in its Guangzhou-based community Boston Ivy. Evidently, this makes Seedland the first compa...

WuXi ATU and GeneMedicine partner to develop oncolytic virus products

Oncolytic viruses are an emerging class of immunotherapy agents that preferentially infect and destroy cancer cells. Leading biotechnology companies are focusing their attention on the development of oncolytic virus products. WuXi ATU Co., Ltd., a w...

ACI and Salesforce to provide unified ecommerce solution on the cloud

The proliferation of ecommerce is providing merchants innovative opportunities to expand their businesses and drive revenue growth within and across borders. More and more businesses are moving their payment infrastructures to the cloud. An integrate...

HP rejects Xerox’s takeover bid yet again, doubts Xerox’s viability

HP’s board of directors last week turned down Xerox’s takeover bid stressing that the deal would undervalue HP. Xerox had reportedly offered HP $22 per share (77% cash and 23% stock) for the company. HP seemingly believed that the deal wo...

Senseonics’ Eversense® CGM system demonstrates promising performance

American biotech firm Senseonics Holdings, Inc. has recently published positive longitudinal performance of its Eversense® 90 and 180-day continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system over multiple-sequential cycles in the peer-reviewed healthcare j...

World’s first in-sensor perception system for autonomous cars is here

Self-driving cars still seem extremely futuristic. Their imminent debut is poised to reinvent the concept of driving. However, designing safe and reliable perception systems remains one of the trickiest challenges for automakers. AEye claims its lat...

HP’s board turns down takeover bid from Xerox citing undervaluation

Hewlett Packard (HP) announced earlier this month that it received a takeover proposal from Xerox Holdings Corp, a potential deal that would reshape the industry. However, recent reports suggest that HP’s board of directors have rejected Xerox&...

Wipro to collaborate with TIP to accelerate 5G adoption for enterprises

Excitement for the highly-anticipated 5G is building up. However, India’s wait for 5G could soon be over. Bangalore-based software giant Wipro is reportedly working within the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to boost 5G adoption across the global t...