Google and Samsung partner to make fitness data app for android users
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Google and Samsung partner to make fitness data app for android users

Google and Samsung have reportedly joined forces to create an API ‘Health Connect’ that will sync users' health data between their Android devices and other platforms. The objective of this is to make it easier for people to keep track of their fitness and health data across multiple mediums.

After a user opts-in, Google's Health Connect software app will collect their health data and store it in an encrypted hub. The platform supports over 50 different data types, such as activity, body measurement, and nutrition, and users can have full control over how their data is used and shared with other apps or media.

Samsung's Executive VP TaeJong Jay Yang said that the company is working with other allies to realize the full ability of Health Connect. He further added that the company's health app ‘Samsung Health’ will leverage the same platform later this year.

Following this, developers will be able to take advantage of the data collected by the Galaxy Watch through Health Connect.

In the same context, other partners such as Google Fit, and Fitbit are also expected to soon take on the platform later this year. These two companies are expected to be able to bring the tech to the Pixel Watch, which is scheduled to be launched by the year-end.

It is important to mention that Health Connect is only available to Android developers in open beta. Google has gained such success due to its open approach to its products. Unlike Apple and Samsung, who typically force their users into their ecosystem, Google doesn't typically push users into buying its products.

However, with the upcoming release of the Pixel Watch and the Android Tablet, Google may have to start nudging users toward its own devices if it wants to engage its customer base with the wide range of its Pixel products.

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